Get a surprise bundle of 3 App Lab games from 19 different ones. Choose your discount by opening the surprise eggs, or not!
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or reload this page for a new Lab Surprise!
Lab Surprise runs for just 12 days, from April 16 to April 28. Extended to May 8!

How does Lab Surprise work?

You get a surprise bundle of 3 hidden Oculus Quest games from a collection of 19 games: sports games, shooters, several puzzle games, even a god sim game!

You can buy the 3-game bundle as a blind-box surprise at 70% discount

What if I don't want a total surprise?

Click or tap any of the 3 surprises, the game it contains will be revealed.

You can reveal 1 game and still get a 50% discount on the bundle.

If you reveal a 2nd game, you get a 30% discount on the bundle

Reveal all 3 games, and still get a 10% discount on the bundle

Try it! You can get another surprise bundle just by reloading this page and reveal as many games as you want just for fun.

How do I get my games?

Buy the bundle! 😃

We are using Paddle, a safe and secure payment processor and merchant of record.

The 3 Oculus Store keys, one for each game, are displayed directly after your checkout here! But you have to wait a few seconds on the popup with a lot of text, be just a little bit patient 😉

The keys are also always sent to you in a second email from Paddle titled Your Lab Surprise Bundle Order, after the email receipt itself.

Redeem them on the Oculus redeem page. The games are automatically added to your Oculus library!

(The Oculus redeem page will always check if you already own a game when redeeming, so don't worry about double redeeming.)

If you buy several Lab Surprises and get the same game twice, you can gift the key to another player!

Who is organizing Lab Surprise?

We are a group of 23 indie VR game developers targeting the Oculus Quest, with a total of 19 Oculus Quest VR games all together: sports games, shooters, several puzzle games, even a god sim game!

We are now distributing our VR games to Oculus Quest players via Oculus App Lab, and to reach out to players we are organizing our own events and bundles.

A few weeks ago we organized the first App-Lab-dedicated bundle, you can read more about it on Upload VR and on The Ghost Howls